Book Fair

We inspire a love for reading, in both English and Spanish, through our week-long Scholastic Book Fairs held in the Fall during Fall Festival and Spring around April.

Cultural Celebrations

This new committee has been created to support a SIT (School Improvement Team) strategic priority and core tenet of Collinswood’s mission.

Fall Festival

Our signature PTA fall event, the Fall Festival is a fun-filled day of games, bounce houses, face-painting, food trucks, and more for the entire Collinswood community.

Jaguar VIP Dance

A gem of an event for our students and their VIP (Very Important Person) guest held in the Spring, in February or March.

Jaguar VIP Event

A high-energy event designed to delight our students held in the Spring.

K-3 Parent Socials

This committee is dedicated to creating camaraderie and inclusivity among parents via casual social gathering events and neighborhood park meetups.

Kindergarten Events

These events provide a warm welcome to new Kindergarten families at the start of the school year. Volunteers plan and deliver a welcoming and inclusive experience for new families.

Middle School Events

This committee will work closely with the Principal and staff to create memorable experiences for our middle school students.

PTA Connections

This small committee will use their creativity and expertise to organize a few fun social gatherings.

Taste of Collinswood Potluck

Our signature Spring multicultural potluck dinner and a wonderful way we celebrate the cultural diversity of Collinswood.