Advocacy Committee

The advocacy committee promotes advocacy on behalf of children and family engagement.

Audit Committee

The audit committee conducts audits and financial reviews in accordance with PTA Bylaws, Article 11.


This team assembles, produces, and distributes an e-Newsletter 1-2 times per month. We rely on a team of editors, content creators, translators, and those with 3rd party email marketing experience to help create our newsletters.

Extracurricular Activities Liaison

Do you have ideas for new before or after-school activities we should offer?


GroupMe is a free mobile group messaging app and serves as one of our primary methods of distributing information quickly and efficiently.

Invest in Your Child Campaign

This is our primary PTA fundraising campaign with a Fall and Spring drive to solicit financial donations from parents and local corporate sponsors.

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee works to identify talented, motivated, and responsible individuals to serve as PTA Officers of Collinswood PTA.

Parent Representatives

Promotes general PTA Awareness across Collinswood community; provides support to new joiners or new members of Collinswood community.

Social Media

The PTA uses Facebook and Instagram to distribute information, highlight events, and share photos and other opportunities.

Spanish Translations

We rely heavily on volunteers willing to translate various communications-related items from English to Spanish.

Spirit Wear

This team determines merchandise assortment, manages the vendor relationship, and runs “pop-up” style sales booths at PTA back-to-school events as well as the online store.

Visiting International Faculty Coordinator

Help our Visiting International Faculty get situated in Charlotte at the start of the school year.

Volunteer Coordinator

Supports PTA Events teams to gather enough volunteers, stay on timeline and submit their announcement requests to Communications on a timely basis.


The PTA website is regularly updated with new events, news, and information for our school community.