Resources / Parents

We’ve put together this list of helpful resources for Collinswood parents. Learn how to improve your own Spanish skills, how to better equip your child for school, and how to learn from other parents on social media.

Spanish Shows

Beginners or beginning to rebuild Spanish skills:

El tesoro de saber– several episodes available on YouTube and Facebook
Extra – episodes available on YouTube. It has a “Friends” vibe to it
Destinos – good for hearing different dialects such as Spain, Argentina, Mexico, etc

High intermediate and Advanced Spanish speakers:

  • Isabel – available on Netflix and Hulu
  • El tiempo entra costuras – available on Netflix and Hulu. Spain-dialect.
  • Escobar, el patron del mal – available on Netflix and Hulu. More authentic with Colombian actors and Colombian dialect. Mature content warning; murder, blood.
  • Gran Hotel
  • Mi corozon es tuyo – available on Hulu. Spoken in Mexican dialect.


Khan Academy – Helpful for parents trying to polish their math skills, yet learning how to do it in the way that educators teach math in today’s world.

Want to help your child with their math homework? There are several Spanish specific math videos available that you can play to help them, or to learn yourself. Below is one example:

How to teach fracciones | YouTube

Engaging Instagram Accounts to follow


Magazine Subscriptions – Spanish

Hello! Mexico (
GQ Subscription (